You should not nerf rageblade for Yi or melee(he's a beginner champ)(he needs late game)

> First of all things. > Dude his w and r do 0 damage and his e is a toggle for guinsoos. > So how is he going to do damage? Its fair that guinsoos does that much for a Yi because 3 abilities of his are useless for damage on their own single scaling because they buff Yi to do AA not burst. > He only has Q to damage with outside of auto attacks, well does he sound broken now? Thornmail is an item too and it counters attack speed, healing. > So if his passive did nothing, you could simply mimic what yi does on soraka with the same exact build. > > Like isn't the game dumbing down? > > DPS slower > Burst lethality nerfed and just sort of left for dead for non assassins > Crit made intentionally stronger damage than most builds. > Healing increase to insane amounts to make DPS eeeeeven slower. > > conclusion? = Silver of Legends. I have not played LoL normal/ranked ever since I heard of this guinsoos change for Yi and as you can see its too much to just be like **okay my main one trick champion will be gutted in a month or less so lemme just play on my other account and try my best to win knowing this will happen NOO!!! I will not play, this is unfair and scary.** Same thing happened with conqueror, I was so scared to see it nerfed in damage. I know i'm banned for a while but I just can't watch my main go in the dust Riot. I have been playing Yi from season 2 but got banned 10 times then i realized being polite and respectful keeps you from getting banned but also makes me a better person, but due to recent frustration i accidentally made racist remarks and got suspended(OH MY GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING). With that being said, I don't think Yi deserves this big of a nerf because if i wanted to have a good early game I would main rammus, Vi, or straight up build crit Yi which guinsoos has no interaction with. So with the above comments you can see that Yi already has early game options and thats crit build. On hit is a tankier Yi that is better at dueling than teamfighting unless of course you are vulnerable enough to get killed by him well! But also its not fair because yi is cc'd to death in high elo most of the time so its not fair to nerf his entire dps like this when already is considered useless in diamond+ {{item:3070}} {{champion:11}} {{item:3070}} Crit would be the only build for Yi if this change goes through cause no one will build for guinsoos late game anymore. But crit bursts way more but guinsoos was actually still weaker but it helped against tanks and rammus a little but crit is stronger damage. **FAIR NERFS **to replace this rageblade nerf: 1. highlander 7-3 or 4/5 seconds duration. 2. Immune to slows only first half of the duration. 3. Guinsoos rageblade: On hit effects done by phantom hits are 75% effective or 80/85/90 ect. based on level? 50% effective-75-80-85+%??? 4. Guinsoos rageblade: Nerf only applies to ranged champions. Great change. 5. Making Meditate: interrupted by damage after half its duration, or having it shield for 1/4 of 440 every second or more if its buffed. 6. Making Q deal damage to 3 targets or 2 from 4: nerfs early. 7. Guinsoos rageblade: having a clear indicator to show that he has guinsoos rage(like a shiny outline or flames!)(this is really fair in my opinion) 8. Don't nerf him all is also an option considering he is similar to annie in that he does well in low elo but is normally cc'd to oblivion and not picked at all in high elo unless its a booster or a funnel user with taric mid on his team! In my opinion funnelers make Yi look broken but if he's 5 levels ahead of the enemies highest level 12 or 13 from superior farm/kills then why shouldn't he 1v5 people in this example? I mean you can 1v5 bots with any adc but this just shows how easy it is to do it if the enemies aren't as smart as a diamond player. > I know that the entire community is Silver or less or more rarely gold. That is who would downvote a post to leave Master Yi in peace. I don't know about you but once you get diamond elo then you will find Yi much less able to do what he does in "Silver". > > I know the community all mains adc's or burst mages but hate Yi and want him to have no abilities and would not care if he was deleted but in all seriousness. He is NOT overpowered, you make him to be overpowered because you are always there for him at the right time to strategically kill you. > > Great time to main Yi when the entire boards mains these champs: {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:84}} > > Thing is you see is aside from hecarim everybody you play is easily able to die to yi if they position badly/don't understand how rageblade works(looking at you Leona and amumu) > You can't just walk up to Yi as a tank support 1v1 and expect to get away with it.

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