Wow. They're REALLY trying to bury Pyke....

_**Bone Skewer (Q) Stab targeting paradigm changed from [Aoe (30% reduced damage on non-champions)] to [Single Target (nearest unit, preferring nearest champion)]**_ _**Phantom Undertow (E) [Removed] damages non-champions**_ Wtf is this crap o.O It's not like Pyke already has an underwhelming kit outside of his Champion picks. They're not just trying to make solo laning more fair for others...... they're trying to make it IMPOSSIBLE for Pyke. I used to Pyke Jungle.... Q was what made it work. E was what made it work. Even then, it was a player skill challenge to keep HP high enough to really be a viable jungler. These changes make that impossible. Not just top..... not just mid...... these changes kill Pyke in all roles, possibly even in Support, because post lane, all champs ARE expected to do some farming. Support Pyke used to be able to clear a wave to prevent a lane push. Now he won't even damage them.... Way to go Riot. Nerf the parts of Pyke that don't need it, after you turned a 50% champ into a hate meme through your own reworks. Just...... revert him to his release version. No Lethality scaling. No buffed R damage. That would make both his opponents and his players happy. _**This....... This is just robbing people who bought him, his skins, etc, of a champ. He's literally going to go sleep with the fishes if these go live. **_ -------------------- (There's other changes, but these two are insanely stupid to even propose..... especially after releasing 2 shot Mordekaiser)
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