A easy way to increase the fun of this game is to remove the "just play passive" stratagy.

Now let me come right out and say I am not saying there should be no time to play passive but there are way to many instances where basically the correct play is to stop playing the game. There is a difference between I am not going to aggress on my opponent until I see a good opportunity vs I need to AFK at my tower for the next 30-60 seconds because I died in a gank and my lane is frozen at my opponents tower. The tense stalemate as two champs go toe to toe trying to keep up in CS while looking to dodge abilities is fun. Realizing my ward expired and I am now overextended with no vison so now I just have to wait for either my ward CD or the lane to shove back is NOT fun. If dying once is going to make a lane completely one-sided then the lanning phase needs to be shorter because asking a player to interact as little as possible with the enemy for 5-10 minutes is stupid. Most of the time I think people chain feed because its more fun than simply sitting and staring at your champion run circles around its tower.
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