Only one Support class is meta at a time. Discussion

So it's fair to say, when we are talking about solo que, it really does feel like only one support class at a time is allowed to be popular. If Enchanters are meta: OMG ADC CANT BE KILLED, THEY STOP MY ENTIRE TOOLKIT If Mages are Meta: OMG THEY DO MORE DAMAGE THAN OUR OWN ADC, BRAND AND ZYRA ONE SHOT ME WITH ZERO ITEMS If Tanks are Support: OMG THEY CANT BE KILLED AND HAVE SO MUCH CC. LEONA LOCKS ME FOR YEARS But their is one particular group of supports that I never hear anyone complain about, and they actually have a lot of problems right now when it comes to keeping up with the other three. and they are what I like to call "The utility supports" {{champion:412}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:53}} These are supports that primarly do no damage, nor are they really tanks, they rely one hundred percent, completely on their toolkits, very useful tool kits with great abilities, but are balanced by the fact they can neither tank nor do damage effectively. I have never once in my life, with the exclusion of thresh's release say. "OMG THRESH IS SO BROKEN, FUCKING NERF THIS CHAMPION". For the large majority, everything thresh does is fair, his hook is very telegraphed, His E has a large variety of uses and can easily screw over his own teamates if used incorectly. His ult has to be properly timed, as you decide if you want to isolate a target or go for the whole team, or maybe just block a path way. His lantern can really only sorta save one person and it can also be blocked. Rakan, bard and Blitz crank also resemble thresh in the sense, the large majority of everything they do is fair, they give you ample warning for what they are about to do, they never have a real power spike due to itemization, and in almost no point of the game do you go "fuck that's op : /" half the time when you see a great thresh or Rakan player, you will end up complimenting them, even if they are on the enemy team. Vise versa Thresh is also one of the most played champions in the game despite having a garbage win rate. I'm not saying I have any solutions, but I think if we really wanted to fix support class as a whole, we should look more towards champions like thresh, blitz crank, bard and Rakan, and see how we can implement this concept into other champions like Janna who are just so one dimensional and completely sky rocket win rates at the same time. I know this topic may seem pointless since I have no solution, but I guess I just wanted to bring awareness of people to look at supports I feel are really well designed as a whole.
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