Am I the only one that Genuinely hates Galio's new look and kit?

Alright, before you downvote me to the ground (pretty sure you guy's wouldn't like my opinion) I want you to all hear me out on this. I've played league long since Ahri was a thing, Now it wasn't that long but it was long enough to get the basis of the game and be considered someone that feels so well versed. Galio was one of my favorite champions even though I didn't play him very much. he was my favorite Awesome Gargoyles, His color scheme was cool his idea for a kit was rather great and his skins looked really good too. When I first saw this new Galio It was from a random youtube link. As excited as I was to finally get to see galio's rework I in turn get a disapointing look on my face as I see this SUPPOSED GIANT stone man that looks more like an angel then a gargoyle. Doesn't even have the glowing eyes at all either, and the gold with the white just putting.... He looks more like something you see off of greek mythology now. That's not even the worse thing about him, The worse thing that ever happened was the COMPLETE overhaul on his kit which wasn't needed! If anything he needed a better passive and W maybe something differant with his ult. But no, instead we get this tank that can dash and stun with this weird Q that you tried to make look fancy. His ult looks fine but it would've been better that you'd at least keep the whole aggro thing he had, maybe jump in and aggro enemies instead. I dunno I'm not amazing with this kind of balance stuff. However after what I seen, his overall look is what bugs me the absolute most. He was a gargoyle, A basic referance to Goliath in the tv series Gargoyles (I could be wrong). A being of good but a mighty beast. Instead we get some giant that flirts with women. Oh and another thing that bugs me, you make him out in the lore as a giant, yet in the game he's just as big as everyone else. Dont tell me you are all okay with that idea? Like, I know that this complaint isn't going to get anywhere. I doubt it's going to get any notice. It will probably be downvoted to the ground, but you know what. I'm okay with that, After what has happened with Galio this might be my last time playing league. My friends don't ask me to play it anymore, Playing it solo feels more like a chore then an enjoyment, and you just can't escape the easily angered in that game. I tried my best to enjoy this game but I just can't anymore. So I'm just giving my final opinion about your rework hero with my small glimmer of hope that something will change but, I have my doubts besides this is just one of the many growing problems that I have in this game ever since the Bilgewater event ended.
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