Winning = not fun. Losing = not fun. Game = not fun.

Well Riot idk how you did it, but somehow you have ran this game straight into the ground. I played 2 games just now, stomped the first one, and got stomped the second one. Not an ounce of fun in either one. no toxic players, no trolls, just 2 fair teamwork oriented games of league... both boring af. I'm starting to believe I'm officially addicted to this game because I force myself to play to hopefully climb to diamond one day, but I hate every second of it or am just bored beyond belief. You've heard it all before but i'll say it again for the heck of it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Damage too high, games too snowbally, OP champs so OP that 75% of the entire champ roster becomes obsolete compared to them. towers too weak, game can be lost from one person now ( because of everything else mentioned before ) and hextech chests not worth buying anymore. Starting to hope I can finally settle down and quit this game for good ........... or you fix this mess you've made. Oh well /rantover
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