To everyone complaining about Kayle

How do you expect riot to know that back loading all of a champions power into the ultra late game when games are designed to end before then wouldn't work? Do you think they are psychic? No one could have predicted this, it was a complete shock to us all. Reworks aren't just a one and done process, it takes multiple reworks over the course of a few years to actually rework a champion. This is just the first step in the process, you can't just expect a reworked champion to be viable. You need to understand that riot is in it for the long haul, you are expected to be a part of the testing process and your sacrifices are for the good of your descendants so that one day they can play the champion that you dreamed of having. Playing Kayle is a team effort, you need to communicate with your team and your opponents, they need to understand that she has special needs and they need to support your efforts to grow. Really if riot wants to be inclusive to disabled reworked champions they should create a 4th lane, a special lane where developmentally challenged champions can farm in peace without being harassed. Kayle is going through a hard time, she lost her identity, her face, her hair and most of her armor. We need to be supportive of her while she is going through this transition. I know we can do that for her and I believe that one day all Kayle enthusiasts will be able to proudly raise their heads high and not be afraid to say that they are a Kayle main.

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