Having huge difficulty winning games, cant carry these scrubs

As a season 8 silver 3-4 player I'm having a really really hard time carrying these friking scrubs playing soooooooo bad. My past games have been nothing but low level fiestas, even if I get a lead in my lane I cant impact the game because my bot lane or mid lane feed so friking hard that its near to impossible to carry them. Clearly some players in my games deserve to be in iron or bronze but they are surely dragging me to hell with them, this game is designed to be a team game that no 1 man can win unless you're 3-4 whole ranks ahead, like a gold or platinum player can grab a braindead champion and win but a silver player like me who is not THAT much better then these bronzies and irons can go 10/1 in the lane but still end up losing because 1 or more teamates fed so friking hard or have no idea about much of the game, not to mention the enemy team also has ex silvers or at times boosters.
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