Can we buff Teemo to take care of Garen

Literally {{champion:86}} is soo cancer right now. He simply does WAY to much damage. Level 2 Q + all spins of his E does enough damage to take down literally half your health. There's kind of no counterplay to him as a melee because if you all in him all he has to do is spin, spin, spin and chunk you so hard. his Q is impossible to run from and his ult does half your damage. His passive heals him for retarded shit all while being so beefy. When there are champions more cancer than {{champion:17}} you know there are serious issues. We're near the fucking holidays and the fucking community is more angry than usual about the new dark harvest. {{champion:17}} isn't that cancer because you can actualy fucking counter this bitch. Garen you really fucking can't when we don't factor in champions . Teemo can just be countered with a simple {{item:2055}} {{item:3364}} while what tactics can you use to counter Garen? Fucking None! And Garen isn't the only cancer ass shit right now! Fucking {{champion:6}} needs nerfs too.
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