Yuumi Change Ideas?

I was hoping for a Quick Gameplay Thoughts post to see how Riot felt about the release of their newest champ, but in lieu of that I'll make my own discussion! Who has ideas for what to change with Yuumi (if anything - maybe you like her as she is!)? She's definitely a very interesting champion and, credit where it's due, Riot has delivered another totally unique kit. That said, I wonder if she's living her best life or if she could use a couple tweaks. I think the mid-patch buff was a VERY smart move by Riot - not just because she was struggling. A few of her base stats were too low to consistently survive lane, so I hope they keep at least some of them. A little safety padding is great at this stage, when people are still learning her - but I hope they consider other tweaks to mechanics to make her gameplay more satisfying in the coming weeks, even if they have to revert some of the buffed numbers. The change I would like to see is for an autoattack range steroid to be added to Yuumi's kit. For example, when Yuumi detaches from an ally with her passive up, she gets an autoattack range increase for a brief period (maybe 100-200 range on the first auto within 3 seconds?). Possibly after a short delay. Notably, the mid-patch buff increased the size of the shield considerably, so she isn't just straight-up losing trades when she goes in to try to proc her passive any more. This helps, but I wouldn't mind reverting that buff to get the range steroid - it synergizes with her kit SO much (and items - ardent censer!), and would really reward a Yuumi who dodges in and out of attachments throughout a fight! Anyone like that idea? Hate it? Or want to change something else?
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