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Any chance that everyone's favorite smug-looking gargoyle might be getting some love? He currently sits at a 1% pick rate, just above {{champion:83}} and {{champion:6}}. {{champion:14}} has a quote directed at him, but you never get to hear it because {{champion:3}} is seen maybe once every few months. I'm not saying he needs a full on rework... Oh wait, that's exactly what I'm saying! His abilities are far too predictable. His Q may hit like a truck, but good luck landing it! It doesn't really make sense for his W to heal him instead of whoever he puts it on, does it? His E is flat out pointless. I get that it has some nice utility here and there, but the speed boost and damage are negligible. His ultimate, however, is amazing. I wouldn't make any changes there. (Unless post-rework it needs tuning to balance him out) His passive is also wonderful for the utility it provides in making him a tank. I truly do love him as a champion, I just can't seem to be able to play him. Whenever I try I get called a troll and sometimes reported... Edit: There are 3 good reasons for this rework happening eventually: His incredibly sexy voice, his legendary skin, and his outdated lore now that {{champion:78}} has ditched him ;-; Edit 2, for those still here: Alright, so perhaps a full rework isn't in order, but I think we can all agree a visual update would be nice.
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