Petition to have all Bonus Turret Damage Treated Equally

Recently, a stealth change was implemented against League's newest Live Server's champ, {{champion:518}} . Her W, applied some bonus damage every 3rd auto attack, to every target, including turrets. However, from my personal experience (I was using an On hit Neeko build for experimentation), when it came to early game use of this ability after killing a laner, Neeko gained no more shield plates than any other laner would. Most occasions of getting to a turret only gained her 1 shield plate. If it was top lane, it was possible to get 2, if you had a sizeable minion wave. In Contrast: {{champion:24}} kills a champion in lane, and can kill almost 3 plates, because of his passive attack speed activation. {{champion:22}} kills a champion, and still gets to use her rapid fire on turrets. {{champion:51}} kills a champion, and her 6th hit still does bonus damage to turrets. {{champion:131}} kills a champion, and gets to apply her passive to turrets. {{champion:81}} gets an enhanced W, which does a burst chunk to turrets. {{champion:3}} kills a champion, and has a MASSIVE passive on hit damage buff which affects turrets, that is exactly like Neeko and Diana's on hit bonuses. {{champion:86}} Q does bonus damage to turrets and has a pretty short cooldown. About the same time it takes Neeko to 3X auto attack. {{champion:240}} has a similar function to Jax. 4 hit skill that enhances damage and takes much less time to auto. {{champion:54}} has enhanced auto damage to turrets. {{champion:75}} Siphoning Strike applies to turrets and can almost 1 shot them. {{champion:20}} Boosts ally turret takedowns when he damages a turret. {{champion:33}} does aoe damage to turrets in addition to autos. {{champion:37}} Power Chord works. {{champion:44}} 's Passive does bonus damage to turrets. {{champion:4}} E enhance damage to turrets. {{champion:67}} Recently buffed, can Enhance damage to a turret every time she Q's (up to .1 sec per cast) {{champion:83}} Q does extra turret damage. {{champion:142}} Her Sparkles still hurt turrets. (This list doesn't even mention champs that have other mechanics to destroy turrets like Tristana, or Ziggs. Those kits are intentional. It also doesn't mention champs like Tryndamere who have mechanics who can make taking a turret quicker, champions like {{champion:36}} who can steroid their own AD). What I'm getting at is...... this is unequal treatment. For one: Neeko building ADC or APC dramatically reduces the per hit damage from an AP build. There's a major tradeoff to using W as a turret killer. And if you went AP, her Autos were too slow to abuse it. Catch 22. Although I used it myself, I never saw my Turret damage in a single game go over 8900 damage. Compare that to champions who still have their kits, like Diana. Diana can end a game with 13-14k Turret damage. Jax/Graves can do 16k. Tryn can get over 20k. This feature of her W was hardly broken! I've tried to use on hit Neeko since then: It literally takes her 20-24 seconds LATE GAME to take down a turret now, even when full built. In terms of turret takedowns, that's a JOKE. In the same time, Nasus could have taken TWO turrets. That's how long that is. ---------------------------- So I have a proposal Ladies and Gents (and Riot): If you want to specifically nerf a 46% win champ in the one way she was remotely reliable: _**Nerf the others as well.**_ This would put a dent into a lot of the complaints players field at you: -Paper turrets (All turrets are still paper after you get past the first tier) -Short games (Turret passive skill abuse is a huge reason for shorter games. One lane gets carried away before the others can leave their lanes, and a base opens up. Beginning of the end of the game) - Some champions being uninteractive P.S : I'm not against {{item:3057}} procs mind you. If you want to keep those fine, But I want equal potential of SKILLS to abuse turrets. I'm going to add a poll and try my best to stay out of the comments.
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