Why not force both of Riven and Yasuo into 42% winrate like Urgot ?

Special they are harder to learn and they supposed to have lower win rate, not the top of the charts. Ohh wait...right they are {{champion:92}} and {{champion:157}} the gods of toxic players, the gods of selling skins and getting free money. {{champion:6}} Was never able to abuse {{item:3053}} neither Conquer neither able to hyper carry late game, he was just good lane bully better than {{champion:58}} and {{champion:23}} cause he got decent mid game but ofcoruse we got to gut him cause he doesn'tt play skins and able to shut down the cancer champions like {{champion:92}} . While on the other hand, {{champion:157}} and {{champion:92}} are cancer in lane to face them, have no mana and great abuser of every item and runes the game can offer not to mention they suppose to be late game champions yet they able to bully and win lanes easily against most of champions. So why they not gutted to 42% winrate for having all the trades of hyper carry, tankines, abusing items and runes plus having no mana ? Let me guess cause they not "Ranged" like Urgot ?
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