why does this exist

why do you have champions designed to take the fun out of the game like {{champion:122}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:161}} most of these champs have burst and some are also tanky actually all have burst and it takes the fun out of the game call me a whiner but they keep releasing champs like this or reworking champs like this for example{{champion:202}} he can just trade and run away to kill you or{{champion:83}} which is just Darius v2 or we have {{champion:240}} he can stick to you and kill you very easy and most of these champs are designed to ruin your game we dont even need to talk about yasou most of these champs have counter play like just sitting back as a gangplank and pressing q on minions even older champs have this like{{champion:29}} if he gets somewhat fed which isn't hard to do he can one shot teams and i dont want to talk about the stealth until after the rework of it but many of these champs are always problems like {{champion:420}} she is always a problem and yea you cab run from her but you always have to be aware of that skill shot that is huge and hard to dodge and when you she teathers you into a spirt where you cant farm for a while and then its back up when you come back to farm it has counter play but like if you make a single mistake your dead i think that these champs need a redesign and we need to stop releasing them over and over and over again

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