Why is vision always being removed from the game?

From The removal of {{item:3649}} to the removal of sight stone, The removal of smite item that gave a {{item:2055}} the reduction of max 3{{item:2055}} purchasable to 2. And of course, {{item:4302}} ~~support items are going to lose a ward, but you can gain it back when you build the full item. ~~ editing for Wolfeur I was mistaken. Gold generation is removed however when fully upgraded for next season. For the first 10 minutes of the game junglers really don't have to worry of vision. {{item:3364}} was always a level 9+ for a reason even though trinkets may range 900 now to a red trinkets range 750, dashes and going over obstacles can remove this vision. There's way too much leverage on a support to provide vision for the overall team. There are some pro players that go spell thief top and ignore the wave because that's how much of an impact having vision has to an enemy team then having none. Everyone should value warding. Rift shouldn't become just a bigger twisted treeline.

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