Jungle changes suggestion and overall game improovement

JUNGLE CHANGES: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- so there are about 3-4 types of junglers pretty much Control Junglers gets objectives like drake, kills enemy jungler {{champion:19}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:35}} Ganking Junglers Defensive - falls behind in gold, gives teammates kills, {{champion:154}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:59}} Ganking junglers Agressive - get ahead in gold, take kills on enemies {{champion:64}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:35}} Farming Junglers who farm most of the game and scale {{champion:11}} {{champion:77}} I think making clear Strengths and Weaknesses in the jungle would go a long way towards helping the game -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1st implement Aimed at Control Junglers so Control Junglers tend to be Tanks, who have high base damage, I would suggest a full tank jungle item upgrade maybe 30 armor 30 mr or just Cinderhulk, but with a passive that makes you do 5% max hp towards Drake/Baron on hit, and 5-20% more dmg on turrets This would emphasize that Control junglers/tankier junglers would be more impactful early game towards objectives, also since the item is purely defensive Farming scaling junglers like yi/udyr wouldn't/shouldn't buy it, and ganking junglers like lee sin wouldn't/shouldn't buy it ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2nd implement Aimed at making junglers have less early game impact on lanes So riots next change is going to be to reduce jungle camp experience I would make it so that enemy Jungle Camps give more experience or gold. and so Agressive ganking junglers would have to make a trade off, do they want to Gank and let yi/udyr(farming junglers) take their camps? or do they want to possibly invade the enemy jg and not gank at all, knowing that yi/udyr scale harder, or do they want to stay in their own jungle and counter kill when yi/udyr invade This would also allow laners to have some breathing room. and also give more clear roles, Farming jungles would now prioritize enemy jungle when they see the enemy jungler on the map ********************************************************************************************************** Over all game changes 1st change People miss having strategy, everyone's complaining about the damage, and I've seen clips of lcs games in the past, and yeah there is a difference, that difference lies in gold. Currently first blood gives 450 gold and other kills give like 350 I would lower the gold per kill from 350 to 200 to start with, and lower the gold per minions by 3 a minion this would definitely reduce damage and make the game go on longer but not everyone wants a longer game, can you imagine being a platinum smurf in bronze? Snowballing is a lovely thing, and if you're really skilled you should be able to carry the game and end quickly ------------------------------------- 2nd change part 1: remove Bounties, that shit is only here because people are able to get items so quickly, and it's punishment for playing well if a player gets a double kill by themselves, the 2nd kill will be worth 2 kills if a player gets a triple kill by themselves the 3rd kill will be worth 3 kills smurfs can turn a bad gank top lane into a double kill for themselves, and I think reducing overall gold but rewarding good players with more gold is a good way to keep the game strategic while good players still feel like they have an impact. now you may be thinking that this would be super unfair, to give 2-3 kills worth of gold just because someone got a double, I don't think so. these changes would only work as long as nobody else assisted you with the kills, that means you didn't get a gank, or gank for someone else. there are a few instances where say, there was a 5v4 your team got wiped. and the other 5 enemies are alive but they're all on about 300 hp each you may think that someone getting a double/triple/quadra/penta and getting tonnes more gold for it would be unfair, but you have to remember, the only way that an ally wouldn't get an assist is if they're out of combat for 8+ seconds, that is A LOT of time, for the enemy team to scatter in multiple different directions, the only way you manage to get a solo penta kill is if the enemy does a great misplay, or you do a great outplay
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