Forced to play meta?

Does anyone else feel like the game has boiled down to “pick one of the top 4 champions in each role or lose”? I mean look at bot lane. You have the wide variety of Lucien, miss fortune, kai’sa or Draven. Mid is talon, Leblanc, zed or yasuo Jungle is graves, eve, Jax and shaco And top is garen, sion, urgot and Irelia. The flavor of the month has become so bad that if you want to play a champion that isn’t s tier you have to outplay the opponent by three ranks just to go even. So many champion are just unplayable without accepting you lose by default because the meta is so close knit. You wanna play gangplank top? Good luck being one hit by the 0/3 garen in 4 minutes. Syndra mid? Put 3 cloves of garlic in your pocket so you atleast taste better then the talon eats you at level 2. Jinx adc? Have fun being zoned to your inhib turret by miss fortune q bounce with a duskblade. Elise jungle? Hope you don’t want any of your buffs, because Jax is fighting you for ALL of them. And he will win.

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