The Eve rework, a mid laner perspective

Hey guys, long time Eve player here, wanting to weigh in on a side of her that most people don't see (or likely care about) often. You see, I don't really Jungle, but I play a lot of champs mid that probably shouldn't be there. Some are more successful than others, and eve has always been one of those champs that could work Iif you did it right. I'll talk about old eve and how she played, then new eve. Old eve in lane was a chore. You expected to be harassed a lot in the first few levels, doing what you could to steal CS and maybe poke with a random q here and there. Spamming it could really hurt your mana, but at least the passive could help that somewhat. However, after a gunblade, she could go toe-to-toe with any laner, and had great roams. That strength would continue on into late game, where she would function as a pretty standard assassin. New eve is way better in lane. No more does she need to cower hoping for CS; the damage potential at level 1 with q alone will deter even the ballsiest of enemy Laners. In addition, her all ins and roams are just as strong. I still rush gunblade due to the sustain and active, and I've been having good results. Her level 6 is great due to the camo and having an ult that ACTUALLY CAN KILL PEOPLE. She also has no mana problems in lane, as q costs almost nothing, w is refunded, and e is only used during all-ins. She transitions great into late game, dealing just as much damage, although she is definitely a bit less safe. Overall sightly worse late game for a better early game. I'd say worth. I'm very satisfied with the Eve rework. That doesn't seem to be a very popular opinion, but I'm sticking to it. She has awesome visuals, she has a play pattern that makes sense for a stealth character (psychological fear with w, dipping in and out of fights using her passive and ult), and she is just super fun. Maybe I'm biased because I've been playing her at a disadvantageous lane for so long, but I think it's important to have perspective with these kinds of changes. Good work, riot. You get my stamp of approval.
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