How the fuck do I counter the insane damage that is in the game right now?

HOW do I counter getting oneshot by everything?? And don't tell me to buy resistance, because it is useless. Tanks are getting melted almost as fast as squishy ones. The damage in the game is so fucking stupid. I've played since Season 1, and I've never been this close to quitting this game before. There is no strategy WHATSOEVER in this game anymore. It's literally just a game of ''who can oneshot the other one the quickest'', and it's starting to really get on my nerve. As SOON as something gets nerfed in this game, it quickly gets compensate-buffed in form of damage, or things gets nerfed in form of less resistense. Lower the damage in the game. This isn't fun anymore. Edit. How often do people even counterpick anymore? It never happens. Everyone just picks the meta champs with highest damage, because that's how you win games

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