The first few days: How i feel about Jhin.

This is feedback from a fellow player on Jhin. Feel free to share your opinion, or leave feedback below. Hope our feedback doesnt go unnoticed! - . Whisper Satisfying, cool ability. The only issue i have with this ability is that its damage feels low early game. It just doesnt feel like it does much for the hype it causes. You stack up the passive, and if you do hit it, its not much damage. - . . Dancing Grenade Cool and satisfying ability aswell. High damage potentional while not being ridiculous. Low mana cost aswell. I really like this ability - . Deadly Flourish This ability and Captive Audience make Jhin really frustrating to play at times. The range is insanely big but its also insanely hard to hit. At times it feels like it cheats you out of a kill because it looks like it hit, but it didnt. The skillshot itself is also incredibly misleading. It feels like its a projectile, but its not. The root itself is INCREDIBLY weak at rank 1 and doesnt feel rewarding to hit if you do manage to, early game.. - Captive Audience God, words can not describe how much i hate this ability. Im a teemo player, so i might be expecting too much, but seriously.. its freaking impossible to hit this thing. To the point that enemies will trigger it and just walk away like the pathetic thing it is. The worst part? It feels like it does NO DAMAGE AT ALL unless you stack them on top of each other which is extremely cheezy and almost never worth the time spent. - . Curtain Call. Love love love this ultimate. This thing really makes Jhin for me. Unfortunate that i cant see this beautiful thing in action all game, i would if i could! Only feedback i have on this ability is to fix that teleporting champions bug.
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