Why do AD champions get so many MR goodies?

So right this very moment AD champions have: - {{item:3156}} which gives them a free AUTOMATIC bubble that increases with MR (which also gives lifesteal and spellvamp when the bubble procs) ontop of a good chunk of AD and MR {which btw next patch it's getting a massive buff, gaining 5 MR, 10% CDR and 20 bonus AD when the bubble procs while only losing 5 base AD and 10 armor pen} - {{item:3139}} which gives an even larger chunk of AD, SLIGHTLY less MR and lifesteal, PLUS you can remove any CC with it. Now they're also getting this new item, Edge of Night, Which gives AD, MR, Lethality, Movespeed, and the Banshee's Veil passive on a 30 second CD than you can turn on whenever you want? While on the other hand mages only have which got nerfed MASSIVELY and the active makes them immobile and unable to do anything while being untargetable for 2.5 seconds with a 2 minute CD, which let's be honest here, Zhonya's still gets you killed 90% of the time. Mages also used to have since it used to give a small amount of AP but a shit ton of armor for when you were REALLY behind, plus the slow field to help get away from melee champions, but the AP on it got completely removed. Why do AD champions get so many AD/MR items with insanely useful actives/passives that still give really good base stats to boot while mages AP/Armor items constantly get gutted, are extremely stat UNeffecient, and the only one thats left has an active that makes you shine like the gold you're about to give to the enemy team? Mages need at least 1 more AP/Armor item. PS: Edge of Night is going to completely FUCK champions like: {{champion:63}} - if you can ignore his first spell (mainly being his E) he is unable to stun you as well as being unable to proc his passive with has the vast majority of his damage loaded into it now, and assassins are going to be able to completely gimp Brand every 30 seconds now. {{champion:30}} - His entire theme revolves around bullying someone out of lane, and while they're thinking they're safe and recalling he picks them off (and usually someone else) with his ultimate, which suffers from an absolutely MASSIVE cooldown, but assassins will always be able to negate that ultimate now. {{champion:113}} - See Sejuani running at you? just click on Edge of Night and maker her long CD ult useless! {{champion:37}} - See Sejuani. {{champion:111}} -See Sona. Plus Naut's ult is so slow he can ult you and you have enough time to turn on Edge of Night while it's traveling to you to ignore the ult. {{champion:4}} - you're low HP and see his ult marker on you? Just turn on Edge of Night and watch him rage as his yellow card does nothing and you delete him. {{champion:267}} -See Naut. Suffers from the same slowness. I mean come on, this makes so many ultimates worthless. At the very least this shouldn't be a "true" spellshield and should only work on basic abilities, or maybe should only block the damage but the cc still affects you, this item is way too good otherwise. Edit: Currently in the game there is a total of 40 flat armor pen on items, in preseason there's going to be 60 lethality (which also will increase the TRUE damage on the new Duskblade by 120) so with the new Lethality formula which is {0.4X + [((0.6X * Y)/18)} If you had every Lethality item you would have 26.01 armor pen at lv 1, 39.99 armor pen at lv 8 going up to 60 at lv 18. Just incase you didn't know how lethality was going to work. So late game this is basically a 50% buff to armor pen.
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