EDIT: I play a mix of midlane and support, mostly midlane. I have to deal with this in both roles. If there is any confusion. Greetings I am a very casual player, I do not play ranked often, and I don't plan too anytime soon. I just play for "Fun", yeah, no that changed about 2 days ago. So before I get into this from fully, I would like to hear your definition of a "Good time in League of Legends" My definition is where I can play normal games, and just have fun with my team, and the opposing. And even if I lose, I can learn from my mistakes. So let me get to the point, Botlane. Yes the infamous Botlane. Let me just blatantly say this and get it off my chest. I am sick of botlane feeding the enemy adc 5/0 in the first 3 minutes in the game. Now you can go down into the comments and spam "Git Gud" or "You are not even ranked LOL" But hear me out. Now that I have said that about botlane, I would like to ask you guys what I could do to improve, and help my botlane. I roam frequently down to botlane (Especially down to botlane) To try to help them out a little. I can sometimes get my adc a kill or two, but as soon as I leave the lane they died 7 times to the enemy Vayne. Now this brings me to what I said earlier, "A good time in League of Legends" Let me also get this of my chest. I literally can not play the game when to adc one taps me every 2 seconds. I don't find it fun to get one shot every time I'm back in lane. There I said it, NO I am not good at the game. YES I am unranked. That is PRECISELY why I came to the forums, because if anyone should know some tips or how to improve, it should be the players here. This might seem like a rant to you, and honestly It kind of is. I have not been playing very long, but in the time I have been playing I have run into this problem ceaselessly. In my opinion, I don't think this is a game where I can have fun. You might be like, why don't you play with a friend? Yeah, I wish. One more thing, I don't feel like making a another discussion for this but...Premades. I want to keep this short but I just think at times It is completely unfair to go against a team of five coordinated people. I can barely communicate with my team in chat. And I don't like getting five man ganked non stop, sometimes in just MY lane becuase I destroyed their Yasuo. Also, I am not very good at making things like this, this is my attempt.
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