Every champ feels like an assassin and thats the main problem with league.

I miss the days where I could play {{champion:57}} and peel for my squishies. like why peel for anyone anymore? Just play {{champion:122}} or {{champion:24}} and watch your ADC die in the back while you 1 shot their whole team. There is no distinguishing between champs anymore. Honestly whats the difference between {{champion:101}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:115}} they all nuke someone the same with three abilities. Two of them are supposed to be artillery mages and two of them are burst mages and yet almost the exact same, they all play like burst mages. {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} two juggernauts and two divers. They play almost the exact same aside from their mobility differences. I swear to God a {{champion:164}} Q does almost the same amount of true damage as a {{champion:122}}. I wish it could be like season 5 again, your ADCs did a F*ck ton of damage but not ridiculous amounts they die easily without peel. In the last two seasons its been either ADCs are over bearing and can 1 v 1 anyone or they are just garbage. Champions don't have any identities anymore. They are all assassins there is way to much damage. Do {{champion:24}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:104}} really feel all that different? they all kill someone in .5 seconds even though they all play different roles and are different classes.
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