So recently I was on a really great win streak, I was like 6 wins in a row, this streak also included a promotion. Then as soon as I was promoted I got autofilled into a role I am not very good at, don't get me wrong, I can play any role half decent, but I do not enjoy playing support on solo Q in an elo where plays think Leona mid lane can be good. I would much rather play carry roles. Now don't get me wrong, I love what they did with autofill, it's an awesome feature that lowers Q times by a lot. What I am proposing is that they use a new method to determine which players should be autofilled into a role. For instance, players who are on a winning streak greater than 3 should not be autofilled, but players who are on a losing streak of 3+ should have autofill enabled, if not to decrease queue time, but to maybe give them a chance at playing a different role where they might do better. I'm upset because my win rate would be much higher already this season, but since I keep being autofilled into roles I am not proficient enough to play in ranked, that I lose games. So please Riot consider revamping the Auto-fill system, make it more viable for people doing good in the roles they are playing. I don't want to win 10 games as a mid laner, then next game get jungle or support and have no idea what I am doing. This leads to toxic encounters in game when I do poorly, which leads to more reports, and more punishments being handed out. TL;DR Autofill should be for people who are on losing streaks or are less than 3 win streak, autofilling players who are on win streaks is stupid and leads to losses and un-needed toxicity.

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