For Riot Gameplay team: Lux needs a rework her damage is 'too much' for a support(also ahri, lulu)

So once she just land one Q(it isn't hard considering her e alone slows) The damage afterwards is completely large(nearly 70% of my hp) with no counterplay and people play her support so when i get hit by one Q then i get bursted for 70% of my hp there is nothing i can do but recall and she can do this again when i return(this time probably she has a teammate around to finish me off.) So like old shaco/ap yi her damage is too much and she can one shot 3 people with her qer combo in a teamfight. Zed's q is harder to land but it does not stun or snare. Anivia does not have that kind of broken damage but its an aoe stun which is good considering its not exactly an invitation for my entire health bar gone(her egg passive just needs tweaking.) Brand also needs a rework because he just presses r and his 'passive' seems to explode everyone without much interaction. Zyra has too much damage in her kit for a support so she needs some rework too. Ahri's kit is too old looking and wierd yet can decimate any one and at the same time dashes infinitely. Giving her charm buffs is not good that champ needs flat out rework. And to show more responsibilty I also believe that Yi needs a rework cause either he's fed or he's not there. Yasuo needs rework too because his kit is old and stale. Riven needs one since there is little one can do 1v1 against a stun thats aoe, 3 aa resets with low cd, a dash with a free 'barrier' on it, and an execute. When a fed yi can't 1v1 someone thats a problem with the design. Riven and lux are very in need of reworks. Also any champ that looks like they do too much easy damage without any downsides needs one. here is my list 1. Lux 2. Ahri 3. Riven 4. Mordekaiser 5. Yi 6. Yasuo, Garen, illaoi(she does too much damage and can't be killed thanks to her massive ' healing and damage'. 7.others(Blitzcrank(too much damage and cc), Darius(he is like yasuo too weak or too strong), Annie(old kit with huge damage for no delay), Cho'Gath, Diana, ................. nearly 70% of the roster have old kits and need some rework but finding the most in need of one is not hard you just have to look at these factors. 1. Does damage frequency(low,medium,high,too much) 2. Counterplay 3. Gameplay effectiveness(has tools when behind to do well or not) 4. Ability sequence and what it does also how fast are the abilities 5. AP or AD, Supp mid laner? But riot i commend you on the newest champion releases they are a bit more balanced then the older formers. But Neeko she needs to be having a different way to do damage since she does so much while also being ranged. Zoe is not so bad just don't like the fall asleep mechanic it too long(punish zoe for delaying her q) Its not generally bad if its nerfed like pick a card nerf it or yasuo q nerf duration treatment. but yes riot if you have seen my post I thank you very much and hope you can make League of Legends better(I know you can if you just make some simple yet effective tweaks and reworks)
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