Champion Suggestion

Since Riot likes to make "creative" champs, I got a few. 1) Baron champ -yeah make it as big as him too. Oh and make his ultimate the baron buff! 2) Sword champ -yes, just a sword. just like "yuumi", I will stay attached to adc, and if id like to, ill just float around. 3) No-clip champ -ignore all walls! in fact, make it an "always on" passive! 4) 6th player champ -champs skills are shit, but can invite players- Out of the blue! 5) Surrender champ- literally can surrender with only 2 votes 6) Chat champ -damages you, just by chatting! Each line = -70 hp 7) Vape Champ -Just vape bro, its cool and last but not least 8) I don't need to play, or show up on the screen Champ, I give buffs to all my teammates, all I need to do is sit and dig my ass, and watch everyone play. Actually not last, but 9) REWORK YOUR FUCKIN CHAMPS *edit* 10) Anti-Vax Champ- Dies 2 minutes in, but attracts all of the internet forum mommies to slay evil and spread cancer everywhere
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