Is Shen really a ninja?

He looks like one, he sounds like one....... But witnessing his gameplay he is doesn`t act like one. More like a rugby player tbh. Don`t get me wrong, I already know riot mentioned that he is considered as a beefy ninja but still, they should have made him a bit more convincing that he is a ninja since there is nothing worth mentioning on his kit that is ninjalike( Ninjalike = Shuriken, Clone jutsus that turns into wood logs, Mimics walls for stealth, etc). Even his quotes doesn`t make sense with how he functions.( "You are already dead, you just havent caught up yet")......this quote would suit more to zed because of his ult if you ask me. I want to immerse as one if i want to play one..... but man its more like im playing football with this champ instead. Image ruined. Oh and just to let you guys know, I am aware that there are most of you who likes the current Shen and I respect that. This is just me sharing my honest opinions of how could a ninja be like since I am into those kinds of stuff. If there is something in my text that you might found offensive or not exactly correct then i truly apologize for that. And with all that, have a nice day.
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