How are you going to say you see the issue with damage being too high

How do you spend a couple of patches doing nothing to fix the issue and then call the problems solved and say your happy with where it is at the moment. I went through the patches just to make sure I wasn't being unfair and no no I wasn't being harsh enough. Champs keep getting buffs to damage, nerfs to health and decreases to cd's its disgusting. Your golden boys never receive nerfs in a meaningful way that would make them not always the optimal pick in every situation. {{champion:38}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:39}} just to name a few are champs that consistently see this pattern where they'll get a skin unveiled for the them and riot throws everything to the side in order to insure they rake in as much money as possible by making them a literal chore to play against. Weeks turn to months turn to fucking years before stuff gets addressed and its ridiculous, I decided to humor myself and look at the patch notes comments and people are just as shocked, gotta love the little excepts trying to justify giving buffs to champs that clearly don't need them they're the epidemy of talking without saying anything it's great just great.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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