Ranked Needs Fixing

When I play ranked I want to climb. Except in this fuck of a game the only way you climb is to be way better than the tier you are already at. There is no slow progression. You give all these apes simple OP, or braindead champs that help them stay at the rank they are at. Especially master yi. Why is it there are so many yi's in goddamn silver who carry yet they stay silver?? Because the champ carries them. They either get fed and carry or they don't and end up having to use brain cells and shit themselves. Except 1 kill can effect the outcome. NOT THE SKILL. I shouldn't see master yi's with over 200 games still in the same elo. Yet I do because they aren't good at the game, they get carried by the dumbass champ. There are people who are great with maser yi and high elo because they are actually GOOD, and don't rely on some goddamn lucky kill to get fed or carry. If you actually added skill to yi or the other braindead champs, so many player would drop in rank, due to the fact that they would actually need their brains to play the game. But you don't so in ranked theirs a fuckfest of who picks the most OP champs to win. That is the coin flip of the game other than getting super bad teammates. Regardless it breaks my heart to see other players try to play something different something harder put 10x more effort in than a master yi player and get shit on because he isn't playing at platinum level in order to beat the silver yi player. Really makes sense. Ranked isn't about skill at least not in the low elo. the difference I see in a highy elo yi or a low elo is only timing the Q's to dodge and being consistent. But I see too many 300+ game yi players that stay in the same rank because they aren't consistent at all they just spam games and the coin flip determines if they get fed enough to not need the braincells, or if they are just gonna feed their ass off because hey have no idea to play withou being fed.
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