open letter to Riot; longtime player, extremely dissatisfied with the game's current state.

I play norms pretty much exclusively, been playing this game for several years now, but I can't cope with how bad matchmaking is right now & I am considering quitting for good. there is no point in playing a competitive multiplayer game if one can't expect at-least-somewhat-consistent matchups. no matter how well I play my lane, no matter how well I try to coordinate my team--most games feel like they are decided by the people who don't know how to play. this goes beyond losing trades or fights--at least half of the people I play with just farm and stall constantly even beyond the 30 minute mark, never pressuring objectives or capitalizing on whichever short leads we manage to get. if I play adc, it's pretty much a coinflip as to whether my lanemate will even reach a vision score on par with my teammates--let alone an actual support who wards as per usual--it's a coinflip as to whether my jungler will watch the minimap (or chat when, god forbid, it gets to the point where I have to beg for a gank after getting steamrolled by 4 ppl) and help deal with pressure from other positions, and it's a coinflip as to whether the toplaner or mid I got stuck with give upwards of 10 kills in the first 20 mins and make the match uwinnable unless someone on my team won their coinflips and snowballed on a ridiculous scale. and it's not just that they perform poorly; a lot of these people are downright hostile. i don't care what Riot's reasoning is for altering how matchmaking has worked over the course of all these years, but it's never felt as bad as it's been over the course of the last 2 years or so. I don't think it's a coincidence that Riot's push for shorter queue-times pretty much chronologically runs in-parallel with the poor player-experience of norms as of late, and it honestly feels to me like Riot cares more about luring more people to this game than actually trying to retain their playerbase.....because in spite of all these criticisms I read on the boards (and Riot subsequently having to come out with a new Gameplay+ board in an attempt to gag those criticisms and more-thoroughly police boards-content, which naturally failed) I can't help but notice on how Riot's doubled-down on it's ad-game/how Riot has to drone about how many people play the game in every single one of those ads to validate their own standing versus other games, instead of the player-experience of the game itself. you guys invest a lot of time and effort into promoting your game, and it feels like you spend absolutely no time at all addressing the actual issues (both from a gameplay and more broadbased, player-oriented perspective) that have plagued this game for ages, so I'm done for the next long while. league of legends might only be lucrative intellectual-property to Riot and Tencent but it also was once a really fun game for the rest of us. please put more of a priority into finding a better equilibrium for game-balance, fix matchmaking, and stop putting player-reception and criticism on the backburner. there is a reason why this game is not the most played multiplayer-game in the world anymore, and it's not for the reasons you seem to think.
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