This Is Literally An Unbearable. Seriously, look at this.. This was a 20 minute game where my team fed the enemies beyond all hope and then surrendered. I was trying my best to not say anything to them. I was roaming and looking to help, all while still maintaining as much CS as I can. Let's be realistic here though, what can 1 player do against THAT? There wasn't and never is anything that can be done. This shit is as tilting as it gets. Not only did these people feed in my game, they then turned around and spammed the surrender vote over and over from 15 minutes until 20 minutes came around. How is there anything balanced about this game right now? It isn't like this is something that's happening rarely, it's happening in probably 80-90% of my matches played. It's at the point where I am just about over this game... I literally can't handle it anymore. Call me a whining little girl, or whatever name you can come up with, but dealing with this situation over and over again 4/5 games is as bad as it gets.. Especially when there literally is nothing that can be done about it. Where's the counter-play? It's not like my laner went down there and killed anyone.. I roamed more than that Malzahar, and yet look... he has more assists and gold.. why? Why do I have to lose my lane which I was winning despite being camped, all because the rest of my team is getting destroyed? There's nothing fair about this shit right now. Please get rid of all this new bullshit added and give me the game that existed back in Seasons 1-3 where one player could make a difference, even when his team was getting shit on. I'm tired of this. TIRED. I don't believe in teamwork. Do you see teamwork? Teamwork is what happened in this picture. Teamwork is where your team costs you the game. Teamwork is where you literally are forced to trust everyone to do shit for you, and then you end up losing because they don't have a fucking clue in the world what they're doing. Teamwork IS NOT GOOD. Just because 5 guys on a stage can work together and provide good entertainment doesn't mean that shit works in everyone else's matches. The people on 98% of player's matches aren't pro players. They don't live, eat, and breath, with each other. We're strangers grouped together from different backgrounds, with different experience levels, playing a game together. Stop balancing around 5 guys living together holding hands day in and day out and fucking balance the game the way it should be for once. Thank you... end of rant.
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