My Problem With League | Why I Tilt

Honestly, it's not toxicity, or the damage meta, or bad teammates even. It's bad OPPONENTS. No, I'm not saying I stomp every game or anything like that... I'm saying when my team is getting stomped, I wish the enemy team knew how to close out the game. I understand it gets better as you rise in ELO, and maybe soon I'll actually try to climb in ranked. But what I mean is, I don't mind losing for 25 minutes and the game being over and that being that. What bothers me is when the enemy team is so far ahead they can just stat check mine into infinity, and the game shohld have been over at 22 minutes, but here I am waiting for the respawn timer at 45 mins. That's what tilts me more than anything else. I just thought I'd share because it's a change from "fuck riot ur an ass company" or "omg my teammatea are so bad they're keeping me in iron ecks dee i should be plat" or some complaint about a champ etc etc.
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