The community is going to want to see vayne nerfs on the pbe at some point

If next week rolls around and vayne isnt in the final changes, there is going to be a lot of righteous anger. She is overtuned. It isnt other champs being weak, it isnt runes hard favoring her or items (although a strong case could be made for kneecapping guinsoos), the champ is inherently broken. Nerf her W, nerf her R. Revert her R changes entirely and revert her season 8 w late game buffs. Not rocket science. No one gives a fuck about her being viable for LCS, her current state isnt fucking worth it, and if your monetization issues for LCS says anything, its that no amount of BIG PLAYZ is going to make esports more popular and financially solvent if it hurts the hell out of actual player experience.
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