Essence Reaver Nerf?

So, I'm sure we've all read at Surrender or Reign or wherever you look up your PBE update news stuff that Essence's CDR is being nerfed so that it requires 30% crit instead of 20% to get the full 20% from the passive. I mean, I'm just sorta confused as to who this is supposed to nerf. Corki and Ez are already in an awkward place with Essence not really giving much, but having to get it to keep some sort of mana, though Ez usually has to build a Manamune still to be able to keep his mana up and I know as Corki, if you use anything more than his R for damage, you'll burn through mana much faster than the Essence gives. The whole point of Trinity getting 20% crit as far as we all seen was for the Trinity+Essence Reaver combo, but the two it was meant for can't even use it properly and have been suffering this entire patch. I've played them both and had way more success without Trinity, even on Ezreal. :( So... I mean... Why are we even nerfing Essence's CDR? Because we're going to balance it based on the 30% crit items, is Trinity supposed to be buffed to 30% crit, or what? I'm just a bit confused here. I can understand not wanting to get Lucian 30% CDR by finishing his Essence then buying a Zeal or MF with an IE+Essence chunking people, etc., but this is going to hurt the whole Trinity Force+Essence Reaver combo without any sort of compensation. Just feels wrong when that combo already feels horrible wrong compared to getting a RFC instead of a Trinity. Any context on what's with this nerf? Am I right about the whole Essence+Zeal being too powerful or..?
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