@Meddler Question on Vel'Koz Q Buffs

Hey! So I'm a Vel'Koz{{champion:161}} main, and when I opened up surrender@20, this evening, I proceeded to (very manly I assure you), squee with delight that his Q range and reactivation is getting a slight buff. I'm really curious to find out what the context of these changes are, because in the past year after Vel'Koz's release, Vel'Koz hasn't really seen too many changes. He has received only one buff (A base armour increase to 16 from 12) a few patches after his initial release, a few quality of life changes to his W and R, and exactly 0 nerfs. The last time he even appeared in the patch notes was in 5.6, which was a change that allowed him to cancel his ult via thresh lantern. TL:DR; What are rioters thinking about Vel'Koz right now?
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