How to deal with toxic players

Just last game about 10 minutes ago I had this bot duo in my solo que ranked game and at first they flat out refused to leash me jungle playing as rammus which forced me too recall when I wasnt done with my first clear. Then when I was busy doing red buff I got attacked by the enemy jungler and their mid. It turns out that the bot duo had been spamming all chat that I was clearing red buff and that I was low. How do I deal with these kinds of players I continued to do mediocre this game going 1/3/2 while the bot duo was continously flaming and being outright toxic to me it really threw me off. Since its not to get flamed for every mistake you make by someone going 1/6. How do I deal with toxic players? Is there a way to mute them or something or should I just ignore the chat?
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