URF in a nutshell

URF era: Riot Boss: Oh look guys. People are really enjoying urf. Employee 1: But the boards are filled with complaint about people just taking the same cancerous aids champ over and over again. Riot Boss: Hmm... that's right. Do any of you guys have a solution? Employee 2: Well... maybe we could add an urf mode where you can't select your champion? Riot Boss: Haha! Good idea. All random urf! Employee 2: This way, nobody will complain anymore! One queue for URF, another for ARURF. Riot Boss: That's really good! I'll give you a raise. Where did you find the idea? Employee 2: It was the *p l ay e r b as e* who suggested it to me! Riot Boss: ... Excuse me? Employee 2: What? Riot Boss: You're fired. Employee 2: WHAT? WHY?! Riot Boss: FUCK URF. ONLY ARURF WILL EXIST NOW. ARURF Era: Employee 1: Employee 2's idea was good, boss. People really want both queue for next year in urf. Riot Boss: Shut up, or you'll end up in the garbage can like Employee 2. Employee 1: The boards are asking for regular urf with bans. This way, we can ban some aids champions while still chosing our own! Riot Boss: No, that's a fucking terrible idea. Employee 1: Why? Riot Boss: Don't you see? We mustn't listen to what the playerbase wants. Employee 1: The fuck? While we're at it, let's limit the champion pool from urf and add shitty snowball contest? Huh?! Riot Boss: ... Employee 1: ... It was just sarca- Riot Boss: THAT'S A WONDERFUL IDEA! DEVELOPERS, GET YOUR ASSES IN GEARS! EMPLOYEE 1, YOU GET A PROMOTION! Winter ARURF Era: Riot Boss: Employee 1. I have a beautiful idea for next year's urf. Listen. Employee 1: Ugh, no- Riot Boss: So like, you need to collect cats that are hiding in the bushes of the jungle. Otherwise, at the beginning, you have no cdr or anything URF related. And once you collect enough cats, you burst your inner urf and get 99% CDR!! And if you die while holding cats, you drop them in another dimens- wait, Employee 1, where are you going? Employee 1: I quit
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