Quinn Tips?

I recently bought {{champion:133}}. So far, I've played her top and ADC. I have yet to try her in the jungle. If any {{champion:133}} mains would care to look at my match history and give me some tips on my build, or just tips on her in general. It would be greatly appreciated. I'll put my build order below for you guys as well! Also, if anyone can give me some of her hard counters, that would be awesome. Thanks guys! - TOP {{item:3022}} > {{item:3006}} > {{item:3087}} > {{item:3072}} > {{item:3031}} then {{item:3036}} or{{item:3033}} depending on the situation - ADC {{item:3031}} > {{item:3006}} > {{item:3072}} > {{item:3087}} > {{item:3022}} then {{item:3036}} or {{item:3033}} depending on the situation
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