Pls.....someone....anyone....everyone....tell me how to go up against yasuo.

i got destroyed by a yasuo main in my other account. i blanked out. i didnt know what happend. its like what ever i do, he does something else more threatening. i try to move away from minions so he doesnt have too much to dash on, he just hard shoves the lane to take tower. i try to go up against him, he literally shreds through me like im nothing, i try to 2v1 him, he just has so much damage at all stages of the game he beats us. ik youre supposed to let him take the farm and not to fight him, but, that just doesnt help. hes strong at all points of the game and i just dont understadn why that is. what ever you do, you just get punished for it, wether it be playing safe or askin for gank or playing aggressive. Pls, can someone tell me how to go up against him, what to do early mid late, how to beat him, what champions can out duel him (probably no one), itemization. Please, literally tell me everything about him from first item to buy to what champions can outduel him late game. I will literally read a whole novel about beating yasuo if i have too. Thank you (sorry for bad english also) :,( {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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