Screw this game

This game is not fun at all anymore, I honestly cant recall a single ranked game in the past year in which I felt like I was having an actually skill based game where the best player wins the lane and the best team wins the game. There are certainly games in which I lose because I'm worse than my opponent and other in which I stomp because I outskill everybody, but this cancer ass meta is just unbearable, there is too much bullcrap in the game for me to cope with this. Last game I lost vs a r%%%%%ed premade that played Lulu top and Twitch jungle. Twitch's account is named ''ifeellikearatgod'' with ''FUNEL'' as club tag. I was Renekton top and went out of the lane phase with 70 cs over Lulu and 2 extra lvls. Did that matter? Fuck no, the Lulu couldve been afk under tower all game long and wouldve still won the game just by buffing the cancerous Twitch. Where is the fun in a game in which I have no possibility to impact the game because I have no interaction with my enemy laner and Twitch just kills everybody around the map because people cant play vs an invisible jungler in Plat elo. Honestly the feeling of impotence I experienced during that entire game was immeasurable and got so tilted at the sheer thought of that moron playing funnel Twitch and feeling good about himself doing that, that I actually wanted to break my PC to pieces. Why do I struggle to do much better than the enemy laner when the only thing Lulu had to do was just popping everything on Twitch and wait for the miracle to happen. I zoned her out of farm, I zoned her out of experience, to the point in which she left top and started going everywhere with Twitch losing lvl and farm. I even pushed top lane to their inhibitor and still ended up losing the game because a Lulu without farm and lvl on the top lane basically made me completely useless by pressing one button. I really dont feel like playing this game anymore. My mental and physical health actually degrades when playing this game and games like this provoke in me the urge to massacre the person playing such filthy strats just to win a goddamned game. Ive always respected the meta shifting periodically and having to adapt to new strategies and different picks in each lane. But this is beyond bullshit, it takes too much skill and team coordination to deal with a strat that is so easy to pull off. It feels like giving your everything to build a massive house of cards just for the smallest breeze to make it crumble.
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