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Why are Shaco boxes allowed to be utterly impossible to deal with as a melee? You can see all of these "traps" {{champion:51}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:142}} The traps you cannot see {{champion:202}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:35}} So why does Shaco get to be special and have boxes you're just not allowed to disarm as a melee? With hard CC? And stealthed? Teemo has no hard CC whatsoever. Jhin only has hard CC when he uses two abilities- one of them a skillshot. I know full and well there's no gameplay value to having a stealthed hard CC bomb that you can't counter at all short of just not being there. Admittedly yes this is venting but at the same time it's a question I've had since I started League back in 2013-14. Why does Shaco get to be the special brand of, "No go screw yourself- no counterplay allowed?"

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