waiting for lethality/electrocute nerfs, assassin nerfs, tank buffs, adc buffs.

honestly... it's so fustrating playing vs 3 assassins, a utility adc or an ad caster, and a mage support EVERY GAME..... xin lee camille lvl 2 ganking you, brand and fiddlesticks not letting you farm oh and fucking pyke....the assassin support, lmfoa. sivir and ashe pressing r to let their riven and irelia run towards you with her conquerer fully stacked......the rune thats supposed to be good vs tanks but its good vs everyone cause for some reason it gives ad...? karthus pressing r from base and killing your support and your adc....."bUt hE hAs nO cC tHo"....... their leblanc double dashing towards you to hit you with two abilities and watch your healthbar melt as she teleports back instantly. and 20 minute games...... lmao. tl;dr assassins are broken right now theres too much damage in the game we need to bring back tanks we need to buff adc itemization nerf lethality nerf electrocute stop releasing overloaded characters that have EVERYTHING in their kits, ( hi irelia, yas, cam, neeko, sylas, pyke) the game isn't fun, everyone can kill you SO fast, including their supports because all you see is a pyke support or a brand support every other game there is too much mobility and damage its not fun, fix the game.
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