victorious skins should only be awarded for plat+ rank this season

probably gonna get a lot of hate for this, because most of the boards are made up of bronze/silver mmr players and a lot who may barely even be able to reach gold. but, there was an entire division added infront of challenger this season. as a result, every division below grandmaster at least down to gold was pushed down in mmr range and is easier to obtain this season. masters this season is about equal to diamond 2 to low lp masters last season. (which was the main reason to add the new grandmaster division, since the skill gap between low diamond and diamond 2 and 1 used to be gigantic) diamond this season is somewhere in plat 2 to diamond 3 last season etc. gold 4 this season is about where silver 1 maybe even down to silver 2 was in previous seasons. gold was already easy to reach before, but since a gigantic chunk of the player base made up the silver 2 and silver 1 ratings, it feels like it devalues those skin rewards even more. another compromise would be to make skin chromas for the appropriate divisions this year.
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