Should we get some sort of changes to black cleaver?

Black cleaver is in a weird spot right now, champions that it was intended for (such as juggernauts like {{champion:122}} / {{champion:86}} ) are starting to drop it due to anti synergy and lack of armor stackers to counter. But assassins on the other hand are starting to abuse it, even ones that might have trouble stacking its passive {{champion:121}} / {{champion:107}} are having a decent time with it, the only draw back is they are mostly just stacking it on the single enemy they are trying to kill rather than having any aoe... Worse yet, its being built against non tanks/champions that dont tend to build armor at all due to the way it benefits lethality (reduce enemy armor by a % THEN a flat amount reduction via lethality) You could argue that it requires subsequent hits to actually start shredding an enemy, but most assassins kill their target by applying many damage sources in a short amount of time (khazix e w q auto, rengar r q e auto, zed and his shadows, etc) Even without the passive, the stats on it alone are amazing for an assassin to get ahold of. {{item:3071}} 400 health 40 attack damage 20% cdr. Note that this can easily make an assassin go over the cdr limit, especially if they have transcendence which will convert that massive 20% cdr into ad. The passive shred on black cleaver only gets more important as the game goes on while the user gets more lethality to synergize with it and due to armor per level. 400 MASSIVE for an assassin to get ahold of, it only costs 100 more gold than {{item:3147}} yet (provided there is only one duskblade proc so depends on the champions fighting) an assassin with {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}} can go toe to toe with an identical champion, with {{item:3142}} {{item:3147}} and will likely win.
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