Sitting here waiting for game to load and then boom I'm a leaver

This is ridiculously unfair and it happens way too much. I'm sitting here at my computer just waiting and waiting for the game to load and then all of a sudden it puts me in the post-game screen and says I'm a leaver. Apparently, everyone else loaded the game while I'm just sitting here waiting. The best part? LP ripped away. I literally just had an epic win earlier where I was making plays, it was competitive for once, and we pulled out the win amazingly. Now that is just RIPPED away like it never happened from this. What's more? I guarantee now that Riot is going to put me on prisoner island with leaver or toxic teammates next game to secretly punish me. I'm calling it right now before I que up again. Thank you league of legends client. Let's take a look at the amount of my time was just wasted: Win removed: 35 mins of time gone Time to get into that game: 15 minutes Trying to get into another game: 15 minutes Playing another game to get back to where I was: ~30 mins If i lose next game: ~3 hours due guaranteed demotion now that I'm at 0 LP. Total time completely wasted just to get back to where I was: 2-5 hours **UPDATE: Well guess what happened folks. I went 8-5-15 and we lost, of course. And like I said, I was demoted, of course. And our Vlad top started off 0-6-0 to a Yasuo before DCing for a while, just like I said. He came back but we lost the game due to the rediculously fed Yasuo. ** This is not even conspiracy theories anymore, this is hard freaking proof that prisoner island does exist secretly. I wonder why your game is so toxic Riot? Hmm... Why could it be?

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