If you are dissatisfied with the state of the game, stop buying skins.

There are a lot of things players seem to be dissatisfied with right now: * Lack of meaningful champion diversity * Vanishing strategic macro play * Paper thin turrets * Mobility creep * Damage being WAY TOO DAMN HIGH Whatever it may be, If you aren't happy with the game stop buying skins. Give Riot, a company that exists to make money, a reason to care about upsetting their player base in a metric that they can actually notice. There's no need to dramatically uninstall and stop playing forever, if you still like the occasional game you should play it! Stop buying new skins for champions you will never use because they will cease to exist in a chaotically unfocused meta. How many skins do you own right now for champions you can never viably use? The answer is probably too many. Hit their bottom line, maybe then you'll actually make a difference.
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