How To Ruin Mordekaiser's Game?

So... I've never perma-banned a champion before, but this season I consistently ban {{champion:82}}. I do enjoy banning him and hearing him say that I can't escape him and mentally replying: "I just did, ha ha ha!" And I'm winning a lot of my games... like a lot (happy about that), but I'm worried that by perma-banning Morde, I'll suffer from "never learn to play against" syndrome. But before I free up my ban, I want to know the best way to ruin Mordekaiser's Day...Night? Other realm thingy? whatever. I usually play support and I don't seem to play any champions that counter Mordekaiser. I'm definitely not interested in fighting him in a duel or having my bot lane fight him alone without me, while the rest of their team wrecks the rest of my team. I'm not high rank, so some things that work for high ranked players might not work for me. I know it's a whole 0.5 second before the ult goes off, but I'm still very likely to end up not dodging this ult anyway (or a teammate won't dodge it - either way; pick your poison). For the record, as a support, I have never survived a Mordekaiser ultimate that hit. {{summoner:1}} : I noticed doesn't work, which I guess is okay (is it really though?). After all, we shouldn't have a summoner counter a champion's ultimate, right (really though)? {{item:3140}} : It might be good for my ADC, but that's 1300 gp I can't spend on my support items... gee thanks. {{item:3814}} and {{item:3102}} : are even more painful to get on a support and they are fairly easily pre-popped by other abilities, followed up by Morde's ultimate anyway. {{item:3222}} : The dilemma here is that I can't target someone on my team that has been ulted by Mordekaiser, which makes the primary methodology of using this item (to save a teammate) not possible against Mordekaiser... great... My question has nothing to do with nerfing or buffing Mordekaiser. I realize he was nerfed in Patch 9.14. He is still picked and winning substantially in Bronze and Silver games, so idc about Plat+ low win rate either blah, blah, blah. TL;DR So... What am I missing? It seems like I can't find reasonable counter-play against Mordekaiser, but I am really unhappy with him being my perma-ban. Edit: It looks like {{champion:82}} pick rate has dropped off enough that I don't have to ban him every single game now (and I still see plenty of other players banning him). But it also seems that the problem with Mordekaiser remains and the lack of viable play for my favorite support against him also remains. So I think there is a long-term problem here that will simply resurface at some point in the future. Thanks for all of the great suggestions!
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