Uhm... Now that Nami gets Buffs... Is there any legitimate reason to pick Sona anymore?

Just asking, because everything Sona does, Nami does it better while not even relying on the AoE much. You want to heal? Done. Poke? It's in the same spell. Teamfight changing ultimate? Sure, Sona's is instant, but nami has the bigger AoE, the knockup is followed by a slow and you have hard CC on your Q to follow it up with. You want to buff basic attacks? Use your E. You want to slow someone with a basic attack? Use E on yourself. Until now Sona had that unique little thing with her speed aura, but that is taken over by the Nami passive now. Not that I'm not happy about these buffs as I like playing Nami, but like this it makes Sona kind of... well, outclassed. The only thing that somehow keeps her viable is the synergy her W has with {{item:3504}} - and that's kinda all... The problem is we cannot buff Sona either because of how her kit currently works, so what to do?
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