Galio is the Perfect Example of Modern League

And it's not because "bweh bweh bweh tanks bad :(" Galio is the ultimate example of the problem Riot continues to (and will forever run into): Balancing for pro and pug play **NO LONGER WORKS**. So we have Galio on rework, a pretty decent champ. He's got some AP Ratios, he's got parts of his old kit and overall he's workable for players in PUGs. The problem then arises that Galio turns out to be _really fucking good_ as a tanky initiator. Pro play now picks up Galio and abuses the shit out of him while he's generally "workable" in PUG play. Now fast forward months. Galio has been retooled into an AP Battlemage (which failed), then back to an out-and-out tank (which failed) and then back into this weird hybrid of parts until he's no longer an issue in pro play at the cost of his PUG play. But now he's going to get buffed to be pickable/decent in soloqueue which will not help his pro play at all, forever doomed to fly between "PUG stomper" or "Pro-averse". Riot, this isn't 2012 anymore. You can't balance for these two (three if you count high-ELO solo queue) gameplay. The needs of pros are vastly different than the needs of pugs. Pick a side and stick with it. This isn't making anyone happy anymore. PUGs are whining because their favorite champs are changed and chopped apart due to pro play. Pros are whining because they're stuck playing similar champs over and over because Issac Iron in Iron 3 _has_ to be allowed to play Azir because he got a new skin for him. I would prefer pros get catered to but get over this insane desire to make everyone happy. Because right now you're making nobody happy.
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