Do your part and lets get rid of all the feeders from SoloQ. I mean if this happened once in a while, I wouldn't mind but it's 2-4 games of this, then one even game, 2-4 more games of this Ad infinitum. It's gotten so bad that I've started sending in support tickets every time I get one of these teams. I don't care whether they are intentionally feeding or not, the fact is, there are way way too many feeders of this caliber in ranked. So I ask you, do your part and just flood Riot support until they decide to take it seriously. This shit is not fun game after game. So every time you get one of these int bots in your game, send a ticket. Let human eyes see it. Drown Riot Support with it until they decide to deal with it. I don't care what the solution ultimately is as long as this stops. Do your part please. Here's my contribution so far:-
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